It's good to see you down here.

While we’ve got you, let’s talk a little more about HB - where it all begins!

HB was founded in 2014 on the belief that beauty isn’t built in a boardroom - it happens when you're along the way.

It all started with the hair care collection when suddenly down the road the desire to create something bigger slowly took over.

Why not try your hand at the universe of skincare and body care? Hell yeah!

The unpredictability of challenges, what could be more stimulating? That's why we are so committed to design products that really meet your expectations.

Here you’ll find the building blocks to your unique routine: hair care, skincare and body care. The three core essentials that everyone needs, thoroughly perfected to be worthy of your bathroom shelf.

Vitamins, proteins and natural extracts are the main ingredients of our products, rich in nourishing properties and embraced by refined fragrances and flavors.

And it is just like our products that we describe our reality: fed by constant impulses and energetic pushes, and accompanied by a breeze of positivity and enthusiasm reminiscent of vanilla aroma.