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Here we are! Finally, the highly anticipated interview with Mariano Di Vaio about all the secrets of his hairstyle is ready for you!

Mariano Di Vaio is a real trendsetter when we talk about hairstyle. For this reason we chose him to represent our Haircare Brand HairBello. He’s our ambassador and our first customer, and we’re really proud of it. We met him for an interview, and we talked about his hairstyle secrets! So, enjoy these five juicy tips from mr. MDV!

What’s the secret of a perfect hairstyle?

It’s all about the haircut. It’s very important choosing the right cut: an haircut surround your face, so it can be your best friend or the worst enemy! You should choose an haircut that really compliments your face, according your face shape! For this you should study your face type carefully, to choose the best cut. For example, if your face is round you should stretch it out with an undercut (short on the sides and longer on the top).

Tell us something about your hairstyle routine.

In the shower I always use shampoo and conditioner both, never shampoo and conditioner in one. Two products, for two different results! After the shower I dry my hair with the hair dryer, but not at the maximum temperature, to not burn them. Then, to style my hair, I always use products who contains vitamins and proteins, to strengthen my hair without giving up coolness. It’s ivery important to maintain a healthy hair, because if they’re not, your hairstyle can’t be perfect.

What products do you use for different hairstyle?

When I want to create an undone-done look (I’m really proud of my cowlick!) I use Matt Clay paste and Stay Strong hairspray, to have a matt and strong result all day. When, instead, I want to create a dandy chic look (like Pompadour) I use Purple Rain hair wax and Kryptonite hairspray, to make my hair bright and straight.

A frizz smoothing tips.

 Good question! I love natural essential oils, because they feed your hair in the best way, entering in the heart of the hair. I always use camelia and coconut oils, very nutrient. The secret is using a drop of essential oil after the shower, on dry hair. Perfect to say goodbye to greasy hair.

The most imitated hairstyle of the web: what’s the secret of your tuft?

Partially I have to thank nature, because I don’t need to slick my hair back, it’s the natural direction of my hair. But I always fix my hair back, with hair waxes and hairsprays. The reason of the success of my hairstyle is that is very versatile: I can easily put my hair back or doing an undone-done look, I can cut them shorter on the sides to create an amazing undercut for summer or I can get them grow for a winter look.

  • Shivankur Sharma | Set 28, 2016 at 10 h 14 min

    Mariano Di Vaio, Damn! i am a huge fan of yours espescially ur hair!!! Your styling is so classy! I just love you!❤

  • bdiri med | Ott 7, 2016 at 14 h 45 min

    What is the best shampoo and conditioner?

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